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To set up your FriendlyMail, please login here. At the next "User name:" prompt, type in your NUSNET UserID in the format of:

  • nusstu\UserID for student or
  • nusstf\UserID for staff

    then enter your password.

    What is a FriendlyMail?

    A FriendlyMail is an alternate email address that you can apply for at no additional charges. It will be associated to the same mailbox as your default email address (eg., for staff,, for students) that was issued to you when you first became a part of the NUS community.

    Important: It is not necessary to set email redirection or auto-forwarding from your default email address to your FriendlyMail since both email addresses belong to the same mailbox.

    How can I check what is my current FriendlyMail address?

    You can check your email address by following the instructions here or by logging in to the link above.

    What will happen to my default email address (eg.,

    After you have applied for a FriendlyMail, messages sent to either your default email address or FriendlyMail will be delivered to your mailbox.

    If you change your FriendlyMail, however, all mails sent to the old FriendlyMail will no longer be delivered to you.

    What email address would the recipients see?

    They will now see your new FriendlyMail address.

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